U.S. House Clerk Announces Nancy Pelosi Gets Served Subpoena in Third-Party Criminal Case in California – The Conservative


On the House floor, House Clerk Tylease Alli read a letter from Representative Nancy Pelosi of California’s 11th Congressional District stating that she had been served with subpoenas in a third-party criminal case.

Alli continued reading the subpoenas, “From the prosecution and defendant to produce documents in a criminal case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.”

The letter from Pelosi continued “After consultation with the Office of General Counsel I have determined that compliance with the subpoena is consistent with the privedges and the rights of the House.”

Speculation is mounting regarding subpoenas that have been issued in relation to the upcoming federal trial of David DePape, who is accused of kidnapping and attacking Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On the House floor, Clerk Tylease Alli read a letter from Speaker Pelosi which stated: “I, the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Representative for the 11th Congressional District of California have been served with third-party subpoenas.”

Many questions remain unanswered about Paul’s attack, and DePape’s trial may provide the answers.

The trial is set to take place in the Northern District of California, where Nancy Pelosi has previously received subpoenas.



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