This Hospital Hired A Chaplain That Tell People God Is A Transgender, And People Are Losing Their Minds….


A children’s hospital in Wisconsin is receiving backlash after hiring transgender activists to serve as chaplains and “spiritual care” interns.

Children’s Wisconsin hospital, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has engendered anger after hiring as a chaplain an activist who has shared a poem titled “Jesus at the Gay Bar” and started a GoFund me page for her partner to have her breasts removed.

The Children’s Wisconsin hospital first notified staff of the new hires by posting fliers around inpatient units stating “Meet Your New Chaplain: Kate Newendorp.” The poster included her pronouns, as well as her fiance’s, a woman who goes by “they/he.”

Reportedly, Newendorp is “all-in” for irreversible transgender surgeries and abortion. And, her social media accounts are flooded with pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ+ content (via The Federalist):

“Love Jesus. Be gay. Get ordained,” she wrote on Facebook in June, with pictures of herself in rainbow garb. “What better way to celebrate Pride than being ordained?! Many thanks to my church and classis for being willing to stand for queer folks being included in ministry and for allowing me to follow God’s call.”

Several months later, on Oct. 17, 2022, after announcing her engagement to her female fiance who identifies as transgender, the Children’s Wisconsin “chaplain” spouted off about her church online. “Also your casual reminder that my validity as an ordained minister is currently under review by my denomination because of the love I feel for my fiancé. Do better Church, because I’m not going anywhere. I was called,” she wrote.

Newendorp doesn’t just reject biblical relationships in her own life; she’s a full-fledged left-wing activist who twists religion to advance her preferred leftist policies. Her Twitter bio announces that she’s a “Chaplain desiring to shake things up” and says she’s “Daydreaming about … a time where God isn’t referred to with male pronouns.” On Facebook, she shared a blasphemous poem called “Jesus at the Gay Bar[.]”

“Working in a pediatric hospital is a dream come true!!” Newendorp states on the flier, as The Federalist reported. “I am so excited to be working alongside everyone and am pumped to be part of the team. Think of me as your friendly next-door neighbor!”

A former Children’s Wisconsin employee told The Federalist:

“We have already seen that Children’s holds little value for respecting deeply held religious beliefs, given their recent COVID Religious Waiver Committee. But this feels like a step too far. This feels like they have actively recruited activists into this field to further their progressive agenda. I think this situation really calls into question who do we want guiding the spiritual development of our children — especially children who are stuck in a hospital, isolated, sometimes alone, and extremely vulnerable and easily impressionable.”

The reference to Children’s past history vis-à-vis religious beliefs revolves around fellow chaplain Ian Butts, who interviewed Children’s staff members who had submitted religious exemption requests to avoid getting the COVID vaccine.

Sources: AWM, The Federalist

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