They Had To Kick This Little Girl Off The Beach When They Saw What She Did To…


A disturbing incident unfolded recently on a San Diego beach near La Jolla Cove, where a young girl was seen hurling rocks and sand at a peacefully resting sea lion.

The shocking episode was caught on video and shared on the TikTok platform. It’s the kind of disregard for nature that’s become all too common and needs to be checked immediately. With over two million views and counting, this video forces us to reflect on how we are raising our children to respect wildlife and the environment.

This young girl, oblivious to the peace and tranquility of the marine mammal resting on the beach, took it upon herself to disrupt the animal’s slumber. As the video shows, she bombarded the sea lion with sand and rocks without any apparent remorse or understanding of the damage she was inflicting. Even more concerning is the fact that a woman, presumed to be the girl’s mother, simply looked on, failing to correct or curb the child’s actions.

This appalling behavior was met with swift action. A lifeguard on duty that day noticed the girl’s offensive actions and, making use of the beach’s loudspeaker, ordered her to leave the beach. “Little girl in the purple, you can leave now, thanks,” was his stern yet composed announcement.

On that day, the beach was bustling with other people who were also drawn to the sight of the sea lion. However, unlike the young girl, they maintained their distance, demonstrating respect for the creature and its habitat, showing that this behavior isn’t universal, but an alarming exception.

The video, though lasting only eight seconds, caused an uproar when shared on TikTok. People applauded the lifeguard’s prompt action, appreciating his decision to remove the little girl from the beach. This move ensured that the sea lion could continue to rest undisturbed, demonstrating a well-deserved respect for wildlife.

Shared on TikTok on February 27, 2023, the video was accompanied by a caption, revealing that this wasn’t a one-off incident by the girl. It read, “The little girl had thrown rocks/sand like two more times before this announcement.” The video clip shows the sea lion, startled by the girl’s antics, shifting its head as the girl jumps back.

The video attracted a slew of comments, highlighting the public’s disapproval of the girl’s actions and her parent’s inaction. One appalled commenter asked, “WHY ARE THE PARENTS JUST STANDING THERE!?”

Another expressed gratitude towards the lifeguard with, “Thank you for the person on the loud speaker.”

One comment humorously lauded the lifeguard’s proactivity with, “Lifeguard was like not today on my shift.”

Some people even yearned for more footage, eager to see the young girl’s reaction after being asked to leave the beach. “Is there more footage so I can see them leaving with the little girl in purple in tears?” one user quipped.

This episode serves as a stern reminder of our shared responsibility towards the environment and its inhabitants. It’s not just about condemning a child’s harmful actions but also about urging parents to teach respect for all living beings.

Source: AWM

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