They Called Her A Monster For Lasering Her Child’s Face, The REAL Reason Will…


In a tragic turn of events, a beautiful Australian mother is being labeled a “monster” for her decision to remove her infant’s birthmark using a laser. 33-year-old Brooke Atkins and her partner, 27-year-old Kewene Wallace, welcomed their second child, Kingsley, just six months ago. However, they soon noticed a port-wine birthmark covering half of the baby’s face. Distressed by its appearance, they resolved to remove it themselves.

Though port-wine birthmarks are usually benign, they may be associated with dangerous health issues like glaucoma or Sturge-Weber Syndrome when located on the face. In Kingsley’s case, the birthmark was positioned over his eye, putting him at risk for seizures and other disabilities. Determined to protect her son from potential blindness or seizures, Brooke decided to eliminate the birthmark using a laser.

Sadly, doctors diagnosed Kingsley with both glaucoma and Sturge-Weber Syndrome, conditions that would likely cause seizures later in life. Brooke, who is also the mother of two-year-old Amarni, explained that port-wine stains are progressive, darkening, and changing over time.

If left untreated, they can result in a “cobblestone” appearance, raised bumps, ridges, and dangerous bleeding. Once the skin reaches this stage, laser treatments are far less effective.

Hoping to prevent these severe symptoms, Brooke opted for laser treatment to remove her son’s birthmark. However, her decision was met with harsh criticism from internet trolls. She explained that the purpose of the laser treatments was not to eliminate the birthmark but rather to maintain the skin’s health and minimize further damage.

Despite sharing Kingsley’s progress on TikTok, Brooke faced a barrage of negative comments, with some users even calling her a “monster” for subjecting her baby to laser treatments.

“Don’t think I could laser my baby,” one critic wrote.

Critics argued that the birthmark was barely noticeable and accused her of prioritizing her own interests over her son’s.

Another commented: “That birthmark is barely visible. What you’re doing to him is horrible. It’s more for you than him.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

In this heartwarming tale of a mother’s love, Brooke’s determination to safeguard her child’s well-being reveals her unwavering devotion. Despite facing backlash and judgment, she stands firm in her decision, driven by the desire to protect her son from a lifetime of suffering.

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