They Brought Illegals Into Their City, And These People From Chicago Told Them To Pound Sand….


In a city already ravaged by liberal policies, a new storm brews as residents rise in defiance against an influx of illegal immigrants, putting a spotlight on a leadership more interested in optics than their own people.

It’s a sad day in Chicago as the once-vibrant city continues to fall victim to disastrous leftist policies. The Democrat-controlled city, once a beacon of American prosperity, is now a cautionary tale of crime, homelessness, and failing public services. To add insult to injury, the city’s leadership is now preparing to open the floodgates for a significant influx of illegal immigrants.

Title 42, the last defense against unchecked illegal immigration, has now been abolished. The so-called ‘sanctuary city’ is now laying out the red carpet for a massive wave of undocumented migrants, despite the city’s mounting crises.

As per the Western Journal, the city’s leadership has voiced their eagerness to receive these new arrivals:

“As a welcoming city, Chicago continues to receive new arrivals and tend to their immediate needs. We are in the midst of a national humanitarian crisis and have been collaborating with City departments, Alderpeople, community-based organizations, and community leaders to identify temporary respite sites, including Chicago Park District and other public facilities, where new arrivals can wait for shelter placement. This is part of the City’s efforts to prepare for an expected influx of new arrivals.”

In a shocking move, city leaders are now considering the conversion of vacant schools, police stations, and park buildings into makeshift housing for these undocumented migrants, with no concern for the safety or approval of local residents.

The South Shore school building, currently unoccupied, is a focal point of this argument. Local residents had other plans for this building that would serve their community, only to find their voices drowned out by the rush to accommodate illegal immigrants.

This decision has ignited a firestorm of anger among local residents. Natasha Dunn, a member of the Black Community Collective, expressed her concerns, “We’re very active and engaged in this community, and it just doesn’t fit well to have a group of migrants to descend on this particular area because it’s a transient situation. We have stability here. We’re not comfortable with the crime on 75th, but to add migrants to that, it’s overwhelming.”

A meeting held to discuss the South Shore School’s future was swamped with irate residents opposed to the city’s plan. It seems that the left-leaning community is beginning to taste the bitter fruits of their Democratic leadership’s misplaced priorities – a leadership that seems more interested in virtue signaling than in the welfare of their own citizens. It’s becoming increasingly clear that a vote for Biden equated to a vote for an unprecedented surge in illegal immigration.

Residents are left wondering why their leaders are so quick to divert much-needed resources to illegal immigrants while their own needs are left unmet.

“We need to be taken care of first and foremost,” one resident passionately argued.

Another queried the rationale of the leadership, “Why would any leader put our black communities, already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors and our children?”

Sources: 100percentfedup, Western Journal

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