She Was Caught Having Sex With A Student, Then The Cops Made A Totally Horrific Discovery….


A math teacher’s career and reputation crumbled after being charged with multiple counts of sexual activity with underage students, leaving the community and the public in shock and disbelief.

Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe, a math teacher from North Carolina, was arrested for having sexual relations with three underage male students. The police investigation confirmed that she engaged in sexual activity with two 17-year-old boys and one 16-year-old student, resulting in three counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of incident liberties with a minor.

According to Opposing Views, police received information from the school about “inappropriate sexually related contact” with the students.

McAuliffe was an experienced teacher, teaching Math III, advanced functions, and pre-calculus, according to her resume. She offered extra help to students through after-school tutoring to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In addition to her teaching duties, she worked to develop alternate enrichment activities and modifications to increase student understanding.

On her LinkedIn profile, McAuliffe described herself as a skilled professional in the education management industry, with expertise in Microsoft Word, sales, retail, customer relationship management, and customer satisfaction. She reported adapting her teaching style to fit individual student needs and providing feedback to professors on student progress and identifying teaching needs.

Rocky Mount Preparatory School had previously regarded McAuliffe as one of their top teachers. However, her status changed when police started investigating her sex crimes on May 4, 2022. The school released a statement to WNCN, confessing to the scandal and assuring cooperation with law enforcement.

Fortunately, McAuliffe did not engage in sexual activity with the students on school grounds. Reports suggest that she took the boys off campus for sexual activities. One parent, Felicia Russel, expressed shock at the allegations, stating, “I thought that women teachers were getting smarter and better.” Former student Dayvon Steel described the behavior as “shocking and appalling.”

McAuliffe was held in jail on a $20,000 bond, which she was able to pay to secure her release. The public was stunned by the allegations of sexual misconduct with underage students by a teacher.

One Daily Mail reader commented that teachers should be over 40 years old before teaching pupils aged 12 and over. Another reader questioned, “What is with these women?”

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