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Judge Arthur Engoron denied a motion filed by Ivanka Trump’s attorneys to quash a subpoena for her testimony in New York. The court ordered that her testimony not be scheduled before Wednesday so that she could file an appeal.

After the appeals court dismissed Ivanka Trump as a defendant, Judge Engoron asserted that an affidavit was required from Ivanka Trump, stating that she no longer resides or works in the state of New York. However, he noted that it was too late for such an action and declared that live testimony was preferred over deposition taken in Florida.

In response to accusations from Ivanka Trump’s legal team claiming the court lacked jurisdiction due to her absence since 2017, Attorney General Letitia James affirmed her intent to seek out Ivanka Trump’s presence solely for legal purposes without any desire for media spectacle.

Kise called the subpoena “continued harassment of President Trump’s children.”

“They just want another free-for-all on one of President Trump’s children,” Kise said. “They want her in the courtroom so it can be filled with media and we can have another circus day.”

In September of last year, James filed a $250 million lawsuit against the Trump family, alleging that former president Donald Trump and his eldest children had engaged in a decade-long fraud scheme to enrich themselves.

Ivanka Trump was initially listed as a co-defendant along with her father and siblings, but New York appeals court dismissed her as such in June after an agreement between James’ office and the Trump Organization to toll the statute of limitations was reached.

Bennet Moskowitz, Ivanka Trump’s lawyer, argued that the court lacked jurisdiction over her since she has not regularly resided or worked in New York since 2017.

To support this claim, he produced an affidavit from Ivanka stating as much. Furthermore, Moskowitz claimed that since she is no longer involved in the case, neither are any of the New York corporations to which the AG’s office sent subpoenas.

Attorney Cliff Robert said Eric Trump is willing to serve as representative for the organization at trial due to his required testimony.

Kevin Wallace from Attorney General’s Office argued that Ivanka Trump still has ties to The Trump Organization…



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