He Was Convicted Of Raping An Infant, And The Judge’s Sentence Is Absolutely Disgusting…


A man convicted of raping a 3-month-old baby gets a short sentence and everyone agrees it’s not enough for the harm he caused the child

The pedophile who admitted before the court that he raped a baby girl and inflicted horrific injuries on her has been jailed for just four years because the Judge goes easy with a sexual predator. Andrew Glasser, 33, entered an Alford plea to sexual assault at a court in Bismarck, North Dakota, on Monday over the October 2017 attack.

This is the face of a man who raped a three-month-old baby and broke the infant’s ribs in the process.

Even though he was convicted of raping a baby, when proven to be a vile pedophile, the North Carolina judge looked him in the eye and decided he was a good guy at heart and punished his baby rape with a little slap on the wrist and a lecture to do better next time.

Even under convictions, child rapes are the lowest of the low. These men who seek out innocent victims so they can practice their consensual sexual desires have a special place in hell reserved for them.

And if another inmate learns the truth, about why child rape is there, prison justice could be called to order.

The rape occurred in October 2017, when Glasser molested the three-month-old baby and broke her small ribs during the rape.

After he brutally rape the baby, he took the child to the hospital and complained that she was injured. Doctors examined the baby and found that the child’s ribs were destroyed, crushed, and stained.

They appeared to have been broken by squeezing them too hard, but Glasser didn’t look like the hugging type. But the injuries to the little baby’s ribs were not the only thing the doctors found in the investigations at the hospital.

Her baby’s female parts were also incredibly deteriorated. And they also found other broken bones as evidence that the fibula, tibia, and femur were healing from a fracture.

He was a monster who was willing to do anything to get what he wanted from the babies.

Glasser entered an “Alford plea,” which does not require Glasser to plead guilty. Instead, it is a plea, admitting that the evidence against the defendant would land him in jail.

Alford plea meant that Glasser didn’t plead guilty to the court, but agreed that there was enough evidence.

However, the judge apologized to the baby rapist, so he decided to send him to a lazy four years in prison.

Source: AWM

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