Cracker Barrel Has Made A MASSIVE Change To Their Menu, And People Are….


The safe harbor for conservatives, the renowned Cracker Barrel, seems to have fallen prey to the unyielding pressure of the left, much to the chagrin of its dedicated patrons. It’s a shocking betrayal that left the restaurant’s loyalists speechless: the introduction of an ‘Impossible Sausage’ to its traditionally meat-heavy menu.

The launch of this faux-meat offering at Cracker Barrel has been met with an outcry from those who loved the restaurant’s unapologetically hearty and meat-centric menu. It seems that the once unwavering bastion of traditional values has surrendered to the increasing pressure from a society leaning progressively leftwards. The once unyielding fortress for meat lovers has conceded to the cries of the ‘woke’ culture, adopting trends over steadfastly clinging to its cherished heritage.

The introduction of the “Impossible Sausage” marks a paradigm shift in the restaurant’s offerings. Devoted carnivores across the country are rightfully aghast at the alteration of the menu, which used to be a safe space for meat lovers to indulge their preferences, free from the worries of encountering vegetarian or vegan options.

The announcement of this radical change came via a Facebook post where Cracker Barrel invited its customers to “Discover new meat frontiers” and to “Experience the out-of-this-world flavor of Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants next time you Build Your Own Breakfast.”

While this might be a victory for the non-meat eaters, the traditionally meat-loving clientele of Cracker Barrel are deeply distressed. Meanwhile, some vegetarians are celebrating the change. If the response on Facebook is any indication, the restaurant’s audacious gamble to lure in health-conscious patrons could be paying off.

Facebook user Laura Warot Jones, for instance, expressed her approval: “Thank you for adding a plant-based fake meat option to the menu. Each year, more and more people are going plant-based for the animals, for their health, and/or for the planet.”

Scott Richardson, another Facebook user, echoed Jones’s sentiments, saying, “I am so grateful for you adding this to your menu. I have a reason to return to your restaurant after going vegetarian and now vegan for the benefit of myself and all living things, including our planet. Thank you.”

Nevertheless, there are ominous signs of disgruntlement among the restaurant’s carnivorous clientele. Brenda K. Mauney remarked on Facebook, “Bad choice, Do your research.” Similarly, Mark Vige’s passionate response was, “YOU CAN TAKE MY PORK SAUSAGE WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS. DON’T TREAD ON MY PORK!”

While some may laud the change, a considerable number are upset, leading to a divided opinion among the Cracker Barrel’s customer base. Whether this audacious move to include an Impossible Sausage in their menu pays off or backfires will only be revealed with time.

In response to the controversy, Cracker Barrel stated to USA TODAY, “We’re always exploring opportunities to expand how our guests experience breakfast and provide choices to satisfy every taste bud.”

Whether this decision was a wise one is a matter of debate. What do you think? Does the addition of an Impossible Sausage to Cracker Barrel’s menu seem like a step in the right direction to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section. In the meantime, happy (or not so happy) eating!

WATCH the video below for more details:

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