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President Joe Biden’s economic agenda, dubbed “Bidenomics”, took a major hit on Wednesday following his disastrous speech in Belen, New Mexico. The President’s own words during the address were particularly concerning, as he suggested that too many people are making too much money and working way too hard.

This statement was met with immediate backlash from both sides of the aisle, as it was seen by many as an endorsement of higher taxes to limit economic success. Even though Biden has yet to propose any new tax increases or policies of this nature, his comments were still seen as potentially signaling future plans that could hurt small businesses and entrepreneurs across America.

The Republican party quickly went on the offensive against Biden’s remarks. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy released a statement calling out the President for disparaging hardworking Americans: “It is outrageous for Joe Biden to suggest that there is something wrong with workers making more money and working harder than ever before to provide for their families. This only shows how disconnected he is from everyday Americans who are doing all they can to make ends meet.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz echoed Speaker McCarthy’s sentiments about Biden’s words: “These types of policies will stifle growth and put an unnecessary burden on those trying to get ahead in our economy. We should be encouraging people to work harder so they can achieve financial security—not punishing them for being successful.”


Fox News reporter Peter Doocy caught up with Joe Biden after his speech and confronted him about Devon Archer’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee tying Biden to his son Hunter’s overseas business deals.

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and business associate, appeared before the House Oversight Committee a couple of weeks ago to testify on the Biden Crime Family – and he did not disappoint!

Here are some key takeaways from Devon Archer’s testimony per the House Oversight Committee:

  • When Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States, he joined Hunter Biden’s dinners with his foreign business associates in person or by speakerphone over 20 times.
  • Devon Archer testified that the value of adding Hunter Biden to…



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