ATF STOPPED From TAKING NAGR Member’s Forced Reset Trigger….


When the ATF went after Rare Breed Triggers in 2021, makers of forced-reset triggers that the ATF had mysteriously labeled as machine weapons, they went for the company’s client list. This has allowed them to go around the country seizing triggers from people who had properly acquired them before the EPA waved its regulatory wand and classed them.

In the meantime, the National Association for Gun Rights, along with Rare Breed and others, filed a federal lawsuit against ATF to prevent the reclassification. Earlier this week, a federal District Court Judge imposed an injunction preventing ATF from enforcing its FRT ban against NAGR, its members, Texas Gun Rights, and Rare Breed.

NAGR president Dudley Brown tweeted (above) that the ATF alerted a NAGR member in West Virginia that they planned to visit him and seize his forced reset trigger. NAGR’s counsel then advised the DOJ that the targeted individual is a NAGR member and that they are prohibited from doing so by an injunction.

Keep an eye out.


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