400,000 More People Eligible to Own Guns in Israel!


Following the Hamas terrorist strikes on October 7, Israel’s ruling class reconsidered the wisdom of their tough gun control regulations and announced a relaxation of restrictions on civilian gun ownership. It appears that 1300 dead bodies and a coming war were enough to persuade them of the advantages of an armed citizenry.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s Minister of National Security, has now enlarged the number of persons who are eligible for gun ownership even more.

Important news: the changes to the regulations that I led with the staff of the Ministry of National Security and that are being discussed right now in the Committee on National Security headed by Knesset member Zvika Vogel bring about a real reform in the possibility of the right to arms for the citizens of Israel.

Today I decided to further flex the conditions so that even a discharged soldier with 02 rifle training who lives in a qualifying settlement, even if he has not completed his full military service – will be included in the new tests and will be able to receive a license for a private weapon.

In this way, the circle of beneficiaries is expected to grow by at least 400,000 additional beneficiaries!

A weapon in the right hands saves lives.

I call on all the new beneficiaries – to submit applications starting Tuesday through the website of the division for firearms and use tolerance. These days we are massively increasing the wing for firearms, please be patient and you will receive a response as quickly as possible in Israel.

I thank the chairman of the committee MK Zvika Fogel for the quick and thorough work at this difficult time and the members of the Knesset who participated in the committee’s discussion and made wise and intelligent comments.

Go t h m s o !

Gvir went on a tour of a gun distribution site in a Tel Aviv suburb yesterday.



Here’s Twitter’s translation:

Returning now to the weapons distribution in Ramla, last week we distributed thousands of weapons in the south and north. From here I continue to distribute weapons in other cities, and this is in addition to dozens of significant concessions and the entry of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens into the circle of those entitled to weapons. I call on everyone who is eligible – a life-saving weapon. Go t h m s o!

“A weapon in the right hands saves lives.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It’s too bad it took a national calamity to convince Israel’s government of that fact.


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