When They Saw This Elephant, They Had To Block Off The Entire Road….


A group of elephants came together to hold a funeral procession for a lost calf, challenging our understanding of the depth of animal bonds and emotions.

In a world where people once believed animals were devoid of emotions and thoughts, we now know better. As evidence accumulates demonstrating that animals can think, feel, and form bonds akin to human relationships, it becomes increasingly clear that legislation must be enacted to protect them from cruelty and other horrific situations.

This powerful video may provide enough evidence to show that not only do animals experience emotions and feelings, but they also form family bonds just like humans. When it comes to which animals have emotions, it depends on their development.

Dolphins and primates have long been known for their cognitive abilities. However, this footage of a group of elephants might make you reconsider whether it is ethical for people to travel to developing countries to hunt these magnificent creatures for trophies.

Before watching this footage, it’s important to know that these elephants are participating in a funeral procession for a deceased calf. Forest ranger Parveen Kaswan was stunned by this incredible display of cognition and love and decided to film it. The incident occurred in June 2019 at the Indian Foreign Service and has since gone viral worldwide. Kaswan never expected to witness elephants grieving a lost baby in such a human-like manner.

The video captures the elephants pulling the lifeless calf across a road on their way to give it a proper funeral. Kaswan wasn’t the only one moved by the footage; when he shared the video on Twitter, tens of thousands of other people were also touched by the baby elephant’s death and the family members it left behind.

Clearly, the surviving elephants are mourning their loss, much like a parent grieving for their child. The elephants’ grief is so profound that they halt traffic as their procession crosses the Indian road. A large Indian elephant is seen tenderly carrying the deceased baby elephant with its trunk wrapped around the tiny body.

Kaswan emotionally wrote, “This will move you! Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying the dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby.”

His heartfelt words are supported by the footage. As the elephant crosses the road, it gently places the baby elephant’s body on the side of the road. Another elephant then emerges from the vegetation to join the procession of mourners passing by.

Although we cannot truly know what the elephants are thinking, it is evident that they are grieving the loss of their calf. This tragedy transcends species, revealing a pain that both animals and humans can understand.

WATCH the video below:

Source: AWM

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