A Children’s Drag Queen Summer Camp Has Finally Gone Over The Line….


The left is at it again, trying to corrupt our children’s innocence with their twisted agenda. In Northern California, a theater group is hosting a drag camp for young children as young as eight years old.

The Young Actors’ Theater Camp, which is organizing the event, is offering a “pay what you can” price point so that parents can send their kids even if they can’t afford it. The weekend includes workshops on drag performance history, character creation, and a final show for families and friends.

However, not everyone is happy about it. Critics are horrified that such an event is taking place in the first place. “Parents that take their kids to this should be arrested,” one Twitter user wrote. Others are not against drag but think young children should not be exposed to it.

“Just keep the kids out of it. You wouldn’t take them to a burlesque show or strip club, either,” another user commented.

Ryan, a gay man who created the group back in 2021, said that he was trying to “educate” young children during the weekend. He believes that children should be exposed to this type of expression and creativity. However, this is not the first time the camp has faced controversy.

“Through the last 22 years [of the camp’s history] this is not the first movement of homophobic or transphobic legislation we’ve seen,” Ryan said. “But as camp directors, we find this is what we can do for the future. The children are literally the future. The more kids see that expression and creativity, and however, you present on the spectrum, should be welcomed in this world, the better.”

The controversy surrounding the event is unsurprising. The art of drag has long been a point of contention, with some questioning its morality and others applauding its creativity.

Ryan himself asked why it’s okay when Robin Williams did it flawlessly, but not when children want to put on costumes that are associated with the opposite gender.

“Why is it admirable when Robin Williams does it – and flawlessly, I might add – but all of a sudden, it’s off the table when your child might want to put on a costume that has been previously known for the opposite gender?” Ryan wrote in a statement.

In the end, it’s up to parents to decide whether or not they want to send their children to such an event. But one thing is clear: the left will stop at nothing to push their agenda onto our children, and it’s up to us to protect their innocence and keep them safe from such corrupt influences.

Source: AWM

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