Writers Admit Secret Agenda Behind Disney’s Latest Woke Flop…Go Woke Go Broke



Disney’s “She-Hulk” series was a complete flop.

It was packed full of a woke agenda and wanted to focus on “societal fear around sex and around the idea of sex positivity.”

Basically, they wanted a show about a superhero that was more like “Sex In the City,” but the whole family could watch.

“So it was our job to keep having the conversation,” Director Kat Coiro said. “We wanted to say, Look, she’s a woman in her 30s navigating modern life; sex is a part of that story, and [ask] how far could we go.”

“I know it’s something that’s very important to [star Tatiana Maslany], this idea of sex positivity and kind of smashing the rules when it comes to women and the way that they’re perceived,” Coiro added. “A lot of the conversations about sexualization in the show came from Tatiana, and were with Tatiana.”

One entire episode was dedicated to Maslany’s character in therapy complaining about her love life.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law starring Tatiana Maslany, head writer Jessica Gao, and Coiro admitted that they purposely created the show to make “fun of their own strawman interpretations of dissatisfied male Marvel fans.”

From Bounding Comics:

The trade[Variety] news outlet asked the She-Hulk star how it felt to see said finale “tackle some of the exact same trolling comments that Marvel fans have been making”, to which she praised, “Jessica Gao is a genius and knows about the culture we’re living in and her position in it when she’s writing these stories about a woman superhero.”

“She knows what that response is going to be,” added the Jennifer Walters actress. “As a cast, it was delightful sending each other these troll responses, like ‘Oh my god, give them a week and then they’re going to literally see this pop up verbatim in the show and become the villains of the show.’ It was thrilling.”

Met with a follow-up question of whether or not she was “expecting to face the trolls when you signed on the for the show,” Maslany asserted, “Reading the script, it was so true. There’s so much resistance to a woman just existing in the space of superheroes.”

In other words, they created a show they knew people would hate based on misinformation about their fans. Then they complain when fans dislike it to confirm their own biasis.

“There’s so much resistance to a woman” in the superhero space?

What are they talking about? The last Hawkeye series was great, Captain Marvel (the movie, not the series) was a blockbuster, and the DC Comic Wonder Woman movies were also a hit.

So how are things going for Disney +?


They’ve recently announced that they are going to be introducing an ad support subscription tier. You only do that because you are losing money because your ratings are down. Just ask Netflix; they are doing the same thing.


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