WOW! James Woods Just Ripped Meghan Markle To Absolute Pieces…


Hollywood star James Woods just trolled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a hilarious meme that calls them out on their hypocrisy. Woods whom he has done repeatedly wasn’t holding back when he sounded off on the couple in a big way. In fact, the veteran actor isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what he is thinking, especially when it comes to the royal couple.

With such a large following, James Woods enjoys spending time on his millions of fans’ favorite social media platform, Twitter. Woods typically gets a lot of attention for whatever he posts on social media, which is what happened when he attacked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Although this isn’t the first time the Casino actor took a crack at the royal couple and likely will not be the last.

In the new meme that Woods posted on his Twitter, he compares Harry and Meghan Markle to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, his way of implying that Meghan and Harry are the new John and Yoko.

The meme includes the words, “John and Yoko waiting for the maid to make the bed so they can continue protesting against the system, 1969.”

Woods also wrote, alongside the meme, the statement that said, “Meghan and Harry. Fixed it for you.”

Ono has become infamous for allegedly breaking up The Beatles, with many saying that it was she who convinced Lennon to leave the band in 1970.

Woods seems to be implying that history is repeating itself and that it was Meghan who convinced Harry to step down as a senior member of the British royal family. A move that they announced back in January, much to the shock of the entire world; since Harry effectively ditched his family for his wife, Meghan has certainly appeared to be getting everything she wants.

The couple has relocated to Los Angeles, California, Meghan’s homeland, where she has already started a new job in Hollywood.

And for the way that they carry out their activism, Woods is also mocking the married couple. Meghan and Harry have come under fire for lecturing people about their carbon footprint as they fly privately, similar to how John and Yoko had a maid make their bed while they protested the system.

However, this time, thanks to her newfound status as an ex-royal. The aspiring actress holds far more power than she ever did during her years as a struggling actress.

Woods even mocks Meghan and Harry’s relationship.

He published a picture of the couple walking together an hour before he uploaded the meme above. Harry may be seen following Meghan while reaching out as if to take her hand.

Meghan, though, appears to be unconcerned about Harry and is instead gazing confidently directly toward the camera. “This whole relationship in one photo…” Woods captioned the image.

It would not be far-fetched to imply that Harry’s notoriety was a key draw for Meghan, as Woods appears to be doing here, given that Meghan has never shied away from fame.

Meghan Markle’s priorities seem clear – and she lives to be in front of that camera.

In February 2020, Woods responded on Twitter to rumors that Harry and Meghan were thinking about purchasing a $7 million property in posh L.A. the Malibu area.

“If you’re going to spend your life being a purse holder, might as well have a water view,” Woods tweeted.

In response to the notion that Meghan Markle was considering a run for president of the United States, James Woods also had something to say. When British author Lady Colin Campbell made the claim she contributed to Meghan’s inner circle, the rumor then first caught the attention of most tabloids.

Joe Biden’s sister expressed interest in Markle’s purported political ambitions and asked the former TV star to “join the Democratic Party” and maybe run for president. With his perspective on it, Woods raised quite a stir on Twitter, saying, “Why ruin one country, when you can ruin two? #Doubleheader.”

By the claim Meghan was looking to run for the highest office in the land, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly was even flabbergasted. Kelly remarks, “Miss ‘I want privacy’ wants to run for president?”

She said, “She’s the same girl she was when she was back up girl number four for Howie Mandel when she showed us she can open suitcases very well but has she ever opened a campaign? Has she ever opened an office? Has she ever signed the front of a paycheck instead of the back of one? ”

Along with a picture of Harry looking rather upset, Woods tweeted, “The moment you chose to go from prince to talent manager.”  James Woods has also critiqued many aspects of Meghan and Harry’s life, similar to Megyn Kelly. In fact, some claim that when the seasoned actor commented on the couple’s relationship when they were still newlyweds and suggested Harry would renounce his royal duties, he foresaw Harry’s destiny.

Another well-known person who dislikes the activist pair is British journalist Piers Morgan. “Harry and Meghan have become the royal Kardashians, only a slightly trashier version if that was even possible. [They are] a pair of shameless chancers,” Morgan said.

Morgan added, “[Meghan and Harry’s] only thought each day is how to fleece and exploit their royal titles ever more cynically. While simultaneously trashing the royal family and monarchy to which they owe their status — and playing the downtrodden, oppressed victims from their $11 million California mansion.” The British reporter’s tirade perfectly captured how many Americans and Britons felt.

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