Woman Scores Major Victory After Woke Mob Targets Mom Just Trying To Feed Her Infant


Devoah Neiger is a mother and second-year law student at New York University. The mother of a three-month-old is enrolled full-time in the program, and she found a workaround to make sure her 3-month-old infant maintains her breastfeeding schedule while she’s at school.

Neiger hired a vaccinated nanny to travel with her and her infant son to school. The nanny and her son hang out in common areas while Devoah is in class and in between sessions, Neiger feeds her son.

During the second week of school, the infant and many were discovered in the lobby of the building, and Neiger was warned she violated the schools vaccination policy. NYU only allows vaccinated guests ages 5 entry to their building. The Director of Diversity and Inclusion told the mom of three that her son on property was “a violation of the university’s COVID-19 Visitor Policy which applies to lobby areas as well as interior parts of the building so cannot be a continued practice.”

After being warned, the mom of three pleaded with the school.

“All I want to do is be able to breastfeed my baby when I literally have just 10 minutes between/during classes. I’m not asking for much,” she wrote. “I am in an intensive academic program where I’m told attendance is mandatory or my degree will be jeopardized. You have a mother who is willing, able (and frankly desperate) to try and give her baby everything he needs while pursuing an education. I am so disheartened and surprised by the university’s response and the roadblocks placed in my way.”

Neiger was in danger of being kicked out of the program until the New York Post learned about the controversy and started poking around.

The New York Post reported:

After The Post began making calls about the baby ban, NYU apparently changed its policy by end of day Thursday — the same time as the deadline The Post gave the school for comment.

Now, the Westchester mom of three will finally be able to have her 12-pound tot wait inside school buildings.

“They’re making an exception for me,” Neiger told The Post.

Asked about the sudden change of policy, including the “exception,” Michael Orey, spokesperson for the law school, told The Post: “NYU regularly reassesses its health and safety protocols, and has recently relaxed a number of Covid-19 restrictions. In accordance with that trend, our student, and others who are similarly situated, may now bring their children into NYU buildings.”

“All I want to do is breastfeed my child at the door of the school,” Neiger said. “I’m grateful to NYU for allowing my baby in. It was a relief to have him close by today on campus.”

Academia makes all kinds of exceptions for woke students, but heaven forbid a mom just wants to feed her kid.

New York Post 


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