Woke Californians Are Now Ruining Another Country & Nationals Want Them Gone, ‘GO HOME!’


Not only are woke Californians ruining America they are now exporting decline to other areas of the world.

It has been reported that Californians fled America to Portugal and the Portuguese people are not happy about it.

Activists are now taking to the streets protesting the woke Californians that are making it difficult to live.

“You cannot deny that places like Lisbon have become much more appealing for young, creative people with money to spend. The effect on the economy and the way the buildings look — no longer empty — is astronomical,” Luis Mendes, a geographer at the University of Lisbon, told the Los Angeles Times. “But the average Portuguese person can no longer afford to live in the center of Lisbon. Rents have gone up five times over a few years. Even the basic things, such as buying groceries, take longer trips outside the city center than they used to.”

Woke rich Californians fleeing “Trumpian politics” and COVID restrictions are using their money to move into neighborhoods pushing out nationals.

FOX LA reports:

The Portuguese government has responded to the housing crisis by suspending its “golden visa” program in large cities that offered residency to foreigners who purchased homes that cost more than $500,000 euros which was a program “dominated” by Americans.

In Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, evictions have doubled over the last few years with many blaming the influx of foreigners willing to pay more than locals with bank accounts backed by dollars and pounds.

“Things were just becoming too much back home, but I didn’t want to leave everything about L.A. behind,” California ex-pat Jamie Dixon explained. “With Portugal,” Dixon added, “we could keep the parts we liked and leave the rest.”

Californians love the country because the cost of living is half of what it is back in the states but they are pushing out Portugual’s growing middle class.

Recently, a piece was published in Portugal demanding that Californians “go home” because they are making the country unlivable.

Texas and Arizona should pay close attention or they are next.



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