Woke Activists Has A Meltdown For The Ages When Confronted By Man Simply Holding A Shish Kebob


In New York City animal rights activists took to the street to protest in front of Louis Vuitton and Nike condemning their use of animal products.

Note that the left-wing agitators are protesting in front of woke left-wing corporations.

Perhaps the funniest moment was when a man showed up with shish kebob which triggered a complete meltdown.

“You’re disgusting. Who do you think you are?” one of the protesters says to him. “You’re a coward, you’re just a f—ing coward.

“You’re a piece of s—t and you’re embarrassing. What am I going to do? Nothing, you’re going to die on your own,” she continued.

Another woke Karen completely lost her mind and screamed all sorts of vulgarities.

“It feels f—ing good?” she shouted. “You and your small d–k and your p—y way of killing animals and it feels good in front of the vegans, huh?”

The activist then screamed: ”You have all the blood on your face and all the blood on your hands. It feels good with your small d–k?”

***Explicit language warning***


New York Post 


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