With One Sentence Hollywoke Actress Shows How Dumb She Is


Hollywood actress Jessica Beil in once sentenced shows how stupid she really is.

Biel posted an image of herself in Paris, France, and wrote in an Instagram post with the Eiffel Tower in the background, “You can have croissants and women’s rights? Damn, take me back.”

What the silly Hollywoke actress doesn’t realize is all the Supreme Court did was allow the states to make their own rules about abortion. States like New York and California have the most liberal abortion policies in the nation and the Supreme Court can’t touch them.

Additionally, France has a stricter abortion policy than states like California and New York. In France, women are allowed to have an abortion up to the 14th week.


Speaking of stupid liberals below is an ad California Governor Gavin Newsom ran in Florida on the 4th of July.

Talk about irony, his state has some of the highest crime rates, highest tax rates, and highest homelessness rates in the nation. Yes, join the liberal paradise where the government takes all your money and you can get carjacked on the same day.

The Democrat party is imploding and it’s why Biden’s approval ratings are now headed into the 20s.

Jimmy Carter is smiling because by the time Joe’s term is over he will be the worst president in the history of the United States.


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