Why Does The IRS Need 5 Million Rounds of Ammo and 4,500 Weapons?


Why in the world is the IRS buying bullets?

And I’m not talking a few bullets…

They’re amassing enough for a war. They’ve currently got 5 million rounds of ammo. Now, tell me, why the hell does the IRS need that much ammo? Why do they need any ammo at all? Well, that’s what Rep Gaetz want’s to know, and he’s introduced a bill to ban the IRS from acquiring ammo.

It’s called the “Disarm the IRS” bill, which would stop the IRS from using our money to arm themselves. And it’s not just ammo. According to The Government Accountability Office, the IRS has 2,148 law enforcement officers, and nearly 4,500 weapons, some of which are actual machine guns and over 5 million rounds of ammunition.

Just The News reported:

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, has introduced a bill to ban the Internal Revenue Service from acquiring ammunition. The Disarm the IRS act would ban the agency responsible for tax enforcement from purchasing ammunition after the agency already has stockpiled more than 5 million rounds.

This year alone, the IRS has purchased $725,000 worth of ammunition, Gaetz said.

“I’m not against stockpiling ammunition, but you shouldn’t have to be a D.C. accountant to do it; you ought to be a mechanic in Pensacola,” he told Fox News. The Biden administration wants to “disarm Americans, open the border, empty the prisons,” and “still collect your taxes” with $725,000 worth of ammunition to do it, he said.

The bill must pass the House Ways and Means Committee before the full House considers it. Republican Reps. Jeff Duncan of S.C., Paul Gosar of Arizona, and Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia cosponsored the bill.

“Why is Biden trying to weaponize the IRS?” Duncan tweeted. Rep. Gosar tweeted they needed to disarm “this band of highwaymen and stop them from taking our money under the threat of violence.”

According to a Government Accountability Office report, in 2018, 2,148 law enforcement officers worked for the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division. They were armed with 4,461 weapons, including 15 fully automatic weapons and more than 5 million rounds of ammunition.

The division investigates “potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.”

And they need machine guns and 5 million rounds to do THAT?

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No, I don’t think so. There’s something else going on here, and I shudder to think what it is.


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