White House Goes Into Full Spin Mode Covering Up Why Two Very Important People Were Absent For Biden’s Big Ohio Speech


President Joe Biden sounded like an out-of-touch moron during a big speech in Ohio but two people were noticeably absent.

Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan and  Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley, both in tight races did not appear with Biden and were nowhere to be seen.

It’s probably because Biden’s approval rating is at 26% in Ohio.

Their absence was so noticeable the White House went into full spin mode.

It’s no wonder they didn’t show up Biden sounded like a dithering idiot.

Lies, lies, and more lies.

This was really gross.

Ryan and Whaley’s absences proves Biden is going down in flames and members of the DNC are worried.

Biden really doesn’t understand, “It’s the economy stupid.”


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