White House Gets Walloped Again After Press Office Dealt Another Massive Blow


It would appear that the White House communications office is in total disarray because people are running for the hills to get out of there.

This isn’t hyperbole a flood of staffers are leaving the office.

Redstate reported “Assistant Press Secretary Vedant Patel (going to the State Department), Press Office Chief of Staff Amanda Finney (going to the Energy Department), and White House Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin (going to the Treasury Department)” are all leaving for other positions.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed the departures during a recent press conference.

“On a sad note, our dear friend and colleague Michael Gwin will be leaving us for Treasury, where he will serve as deputy assistant secretary for Public Affairs,” Jean-Pierre said. “Gwin has served as the White House director of Rapid Response for the past 16 months, responding to the most challenging and difficult issues imaginable. Yet amidst these often emotionally wrenching stories, Gwin’s poise and moral clarity are unfailing, and his willingness and ability to step up has made him an indispensable member of the team.”

“And joining Gwin at the Treasury Department will be our very own Michael Kikukawa, where he will serve as a spokesperson,” she continued. “Michael, better known here to all of you, to all of us, as Kiku, has served not just as a press assistant, but as the strong engine and reliable engine at the press shop. His relentless work ethic and dedication to the mission of this team have been second to none.”

However, there is something in common with all of the departures that gives credence that something is going on behind closed doors in the communications office. Everyone leaving is not moving on to the public sector; they are just getting out of the White House because whatever is going on behind closed doors is toxic.




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