White House Desperately Tries To Cover Up Kamala Pitiful ‘Please Clap’ Moment


President Biden messing up in Asia, First Lady Jill Biden screwing up in Ecuador, and Vice President Kamala Harris’ pitiful ‘please clap’ moment reveals that the administration is falling apart.

Harris was recently speaking in Washington DC at the AAPI Victory Fund and one moment was so cringy the White House left it out of the official transcript.

“I have to tell you, one of the things I’m just so completely excited about — it is my inner nerd — I’m so excited about electric school buses.  (Laughs.)  (Applause.)  And part of what we did with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is we put — we’re putting billions of dollars into this thing,” Harris said. “You know, 25 million of our children every day go to school on those buses.  And they’re — they’re breathing these exhaust systems.  Right?  And it’s having a direct impact on their health and, therefore, their ability to learn.”

Screenshot of White House transcript.

That’s not what occurred.

There was a faint clap from one person then Kamala cackled asking for people to clap and there was a pathetic applause.

Also, did you know that “when we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community?”

Vice President Harris sure has a way with words.

It is no wonder she is the only politician in the country that is polling lower than Joe Biden.

A recent CBS News poll found that Kamala Harris’s job approval rating is at 31% and Biden’s is at 37%.


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