When We Saw The HORRIBLE Editing Fail In A New Disney Movie, We Could Not Stop Laughing…


Disney’s latest teen romantic comedy, “Prom Pact,” has left many viewers feeling uneasy, but not just because of its typical liberal storyline. Instead, it’s the unsettling use of computer-generated images (CGI) that has people talking, raising questions about the quality and sincerity of Hollywood’s output in recent years.

“Prom Pact,” a Disney+ original released in late March, follows the story of high school outsiders Mandy Yang and her best friend, Ben. Mandy is an ambitious student who dreams of attending Harvard University. She befriends the school jock, Graham Lansing, whose influential senator father and Harvard alumnus background could help her secure a spot at her dream college. Despite being a feminist who rejects “heteronormative” relationships, according to IMDb’s movie description, Mandy finds herself falling for Graham, leaving her to question whether love is more important than education.

While the movie’s liberal-leaning narrative might be off-putting to some, it’s the bizarre use of CGI that has caused a real stir among viewers. Early in the film, Mandy is in the gym during a pep rally, where cheerleaders dance and students cheer from the bleachers. Upon closer inspection, several plain-faced characters sitting in the background are revealed to be digitally created, non-human extras.

Social media users have expressed their discomfort with the odd use of CGI, with one Twitter user exclaiming, “Why does this make me feel sick to my stomach IM TERRIFIED.” Another chimed in, saying, “Nah girl in the yellow is actually freaking me out.” Some have criticized Disney for not hiring a few more extras or rearranging the human extras to avoid the need for CGI.

The unsettling reaction to the inauthentic characters in “Prom Pact” may be due to the “uncanny valley” effect. This phenomenon describes the eerie feeling people experience when encountering a not-quite-human likeness in objects like dolls or robots. In the case of “Prom Pact,” it appears that Disney’s use of CGI has inadvertently created an unnerving atmosphere for viewers.

Despite this strange aspect of the movie, “Prom Pact” has received mostly positive reviews, with a 6.3 IMDb user rating and an 88 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. However, one must question whether this is another example of Hollywood’s decline in quality and authenticity, as liberal agendas continue to dominate the big screen.

Disney’s unsettling CGI choice in “Prom Pact” highlights the disingenuous nature of Hollywood’s current approach to filmmaking. Rather than focusing on creating genuine connections with their audience through heartfelt storytelling and honest portrayals, it seems that Hollywood is opting for cheap shortcuts and prioritizing liberal narratives above all else.


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It’s essential to continue advocating for quality, authentic storytelling that reflects the diverse range of experiences and values in our society. Let’s hope that future productions will learn from the mistakes of “Prom Pact” and other similar films, and strive for a more genuine and inclusive representation of the human experience.

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