When The Car They Were Chasing Came To A Stop, Who Jumped Out Made Them All Jump Back…


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies were put to the greatest test of their careers by a 30-year-old woman. Deputies filled the car of the woman with tear gas after she used her car as a deadly weapon during the chase, only to force a nine-year-old girl from the passenger seat.

The woman as the report states that she took the police on a wild road pursuit through the city, damaging dozens of other cars along the way, which came to an end when the SWAT squad surrounded the automobile.

After fleeing the vehicle being pursued by cops, the child ran for safety. The little girl was endangered because the adult refused to exit the Nissan sedan after the chase was over. Rubber bullets were then fired at the vehicle.

The three-hour pursuit ended when deputies lowered a canister of tear gas into the red Nissan. But they say they didn’t know that the little girl was inside. The video shows her stumbling out of the backseat and into the arms of a deputy, as the chemical entered the air in the car, it was powerful enough to force the little girl in the passenger seat to flee the car and run to safety.

However, after seeing the little girl flee the tear-gassed car, an anchor following the car chase with Fox 11 exclaimed, “Oh my God! Is that a child?” as the appearance of the little girl shocked everyone. The anchor soon realized it was not an adult after all, as the anchor initially thought that the driver had left the car when authorities picked up the child.

Following the child had given the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies the chase of their careers, police were able to approach the vehicle and apprehend the driver after the child had left the Nissan. They loaded it up with tear gas, because “nobody knew the child was in the car,” as LASD lieutenant Todd Knight confirmed.

The woman behind the wheel of the Nissan was not willing to cooperate with authorities. And after deputies made “multiple efforts” to speak to the driver – all of which failed, they then used Tear gas.

The girl was not injured and is now in the care of protective services. Her mother is facing a number of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.

The chase continued for hours on Tuesday afternoon, the car chase began after the Nissan got involved in a hit-and-run accident near Diamond Bar Boulevard in Los Angeles. The tear gas was deployed when Police eventually stopped the car and barricaded it in with police vehicles, as the Nissan managed to avoid capture by slamming into parked cars and speeding through stoplights.

Watch the video below for more details:

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