When I Saw Why There Were To Many PVC Pipes In The Ground My Heart Sank….


The border crisis is significantly worse than we can foresee under Biden’s administration.

As the death toll reaches an all-time high of 782 in a year, the graves of unidentified migrants reveal the horrifying cost of Biden’s border crisis: PVC pipe crosses with “John Doe” insignia sit in a Texas cemetery.

The recovery and burial of the bodies of undocumented migrants crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the U.S. have resulted in a record number of migrant deaths in the fiscal year 2022, including 782 along the southern border, with 53 dead outside San Antonio, Texas.

A TikTok video shows at least a dozen sunken burial plots where undocumented immigrants were buried in graves marked with “PVC pipe cross.” The 30-year-old who passed away in September and the heated tractor-trailer.

In the popular TikTok video of the scene, the migrants buried there are those who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande River into Texas.

The Webb County Medical Examiner’s Office is allegedly at capacity, according to the video’s description, but the county’s public information officer was unable to confirm the claim because the medical examiner was not present.

Rito Valdez III is connected to the operations of the company, according to public records, and the temporary markers include the Memorial Funeral Chapel emblem. A local media outfit made many attempts to get in touch with the owner to arrange an interview. We were initially informed by staff members that Valdez would be away for the remainder of the week. That wasn’t the case, though.

Under Joe Biden, the number of people dying while trying to enter the country illegally has increased. Numerous migrants died in June after becoming trapped inside a tractor-trailer truck that was halted at the border. The migrants who were hiding inside the truck died from the intense heat as the temperatures inside the vehicle soared.

With only a few days remaining in the month, this increases the total number of migrants who have passed away in the fiscal year of 2022 to 782. There were just 557 deaths reported during the fiscal year 2021.

According to Maverick County Judge David Saucedo, a local individual contributed money toward the crosses for the unknown migrants who died attempting to cross the Rio Grande. Workers at the cemetery intend to replace the PVC crosses with metal ones.

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