When Dad Stepped Up To Speak At The Wedding, The Second He Spoke Up He…


Weddings are by far among the most important and memorable events shared between two families. If you’ve ever been to or in one, then you know just how beautiful and amazing this experience can be.

But, one father made his daughter’s wedding extra special after he did something that left the room in tears.

Nicole Cortez Figg was very excited and relieved when her big day went off without a hitch.

She shared her vows with her beloved husband, and the guests managed to change venues without a single person getting lost. Plus, everyone was having a great time and really enjoying the free drinks.

And that’s when her father came to the microphone.

Nicole’s dad is earning major social media props for the epic surprise that he managed to pull off for her wedding. Nicole is a sign language interpreter and her dad wanted to give her a wedding day gift that she would never forget.

For an entire year leading up to her wedding, Nicole’s dad had been secretly meeting with her best friend at a coffee shop to learn the signs for “I Loved her First” by Heartland.

Nicole got the surprise of a lifetime when her father made his way on stage during her reception for his speech. At first, he does a bit of a silly dance—we’re thinking to throw his daughter off a bit—and all the guests cheer him on. They probably think he was getting ready to roast his daughter!

But what happened next is truly heartwarming and beautiful. The melody for the popular father/daughter dance song began playing, and Dad suddenly gets serious. From the moment the melody begins, he starts making hand motions to sign the song in sign language!

As the song goes on, it’s obvious Dad knows the words (and signs) to a T—he lip-syncs it perfectly on beat and doesn’t miss one sign. That’s what a year of practice will get you!

When the camera pans to Nicole and her husband, they’re both completely losing it, wiping tears away from their eyes. She obviously couldn’t believe what she was seeing—and neither could everyone else in attendance. As everyone reached for their tissues, it was obvious there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

From the moment you wake up with your bridesmaids, to the last champagne toast at the reception, your wedding day flies by in the blink of an eye. But if you’re lucky, you get a few special moments on video that you can watch for years to come.

Check out the amazing, yet tear-jerking video below:

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