What Two Women Did With A Dead Man’s Body Had Them Immediately Sent To Jail….


Y’all won’t believe the messed-up story I just heard from Bexar County, Texas. So two teenage girls, Bethany Martin, and her 16-year-old friend were caught stealing jewelry from a dead man’s body they found in a drainage ditch. And get this, they filmed the whole thing and put it up on Snapchat!

The poor guy they robbed was only 25 years old. The younger teen apparently liked the pendant he was wearing and convinced Martin to help her steal it. And what’s worse, they took apart the pendant and gave the medallion to the younger girl while tossing the unwanted chain on the ground.

These girls are heartless! They even used the dead man’s body as a prop to get more likes and followers on Snapchat. They filmed themselves hanging around the corpse and in another video, Martin can be seen stealing the pendant from the man’s neck. It’s disgusting.

Thankfully, someone who saw the video had the sense to call the cops. When the police arrived, the girls told them they just stumbled upon the dead man while walking to a gas station. But we all know that’s a load of bull.

The sixteen-year-old girl didn’t even have the decency to feel ashamed of what she did. She admitted to the cops that she stole the pendant because it matched her fashion style. How can anyone be that shallow and selfish?

In the end, the girls were arrested and charged with theft of a human corpse. Martin managed to post a $2,000 bond and got out of jail, but she’ll have to face trial for her disgusting behavior. The younger girl, who hasn’t been named because of her age, is also facing the same charge.

It’s just crazy to think that these girls thought it was okay to steal from a dead man and then film themselves doing it. It’s a sick and twisted world we live in. The only good thing that came out of this is that the police were able to return the stolen pendant to the man’s next of kin. I just hope these girls learn their lesson and never do anything like this again.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, KENS 5



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