What This School Is Expelling People For Proves Things Have Gone Too Far…


A school board has implemented a controversial policy, punishing students for “malicious misgendering” with penalties as severe as those for assault and arson.

The Fairfax school board, consisting entirely of Democrats, has taken a radical step to punish students who believe in telling the truth. They have decided that “malicious misgendering” will be treated as severely as assault and arson, possibly resulting in expulsion. It’s alarming that even elementary school students will be subjected to sexual education lessons that promote gender-swapping.

Students who dare to prioritize biological facts and “misgender” someone could now be denied access to public education in Fairfax County. The school board seems to have disregarded biological sex altogether, choosing instead to teach students that they were “assigned” sex at birth, which can be changed at will.

Fairfax County is one of the largest school districts in the country, and its decisions often set trends for other public schools. Virginia, along with Florida, has been at the center of a nationwide debate on education and far-left curricula. Parental outrage at school boards was a significant factor in last year’s gubernatorial election in Virginia.

Rather than considering a more moderate approach, the Fairfax school board is doubling down on its extreme policies, threatening students and teachers who object. The fact that this board has been consistently ahead of national trends in far-left education is deeply concerning. The district embraced gender politics and adjusted its policies much earlier than most public schools, and now these policies seem almost unavoidable.

It’s time for common sense to prevail. The far left is attempting to turn misgendering into a genuine criminal offense. While that may be beyond their reach, for now, they have successfully forced thousands of students to equate free speech with actual crimes. We must stand up for the right of students to express their beliefs based on biological facts and ensure that our public education system does not become a tool for ideological indoctrination.

Parents and concerned citizens must come together to challenge the Fairfax school board’s overreach and to protect free speech and intellectual diversity in our schools. It’s essential that we do not allow far-left policies to hijack our education system, as it is the foundation of our future generations. If we don’t act now, we risk setting a dangerous precedent that will have lasting consequences for our children and the nation as a whole.

It is crucial to elect school board members who will uphold the values of truth, free speech, and intellectual diversity rather than promote extreme policies that threaten the fundamental rights of students. We must hold our elected officials accountable and ensure they make decisions that serve the best interests of our children and our communities.

We cannot afford to allow the far-left to continue pushing their radical agenda in our schools, forcing students to conform to their ideology or face severe consequences. We must defend the right to free speech, preserve the sanctity of biological facts, and protect our children from the dangerous consequences of extremist policies in our education system.

Let’s stand together and fight for a future where our children can express their beliefs without fear and where our education system fosters critical thinking, intellectual diversity, and respect for biological truths.

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