What This Bearded Drag Queen Said In Front Of Small Children Is Beyond Revolting….


I regret to inform you that someone messed with Texas again. A community center hosted a family-friendly “Beauty and the Bingo” event.

In the now-viral video, some grown adults bring their children to play Bingo. And to make it even worst, grown men who dress like women give sexualized performances and reference having people put their mouths on their genitalia. Did I mention this event was family-friendly? That’s a key point to make.

Citizen journalist and Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales went undercover but was thrown out when the event planning committee noticed someone who looked like they have morals and decency were sitting there with her smartphone out.

The clip she shares here shows kids gathering tip money thrown at the lingerie-clad men after they watched the performances under the “supervision” of their parents. At the end of the clip, the vulgar bearded pig says “that right there is our future, guys” about the kids.

“And thank you to our little helpers running up here picking up her money,” said one of the drag queens. “That right there is our future guys.”

And that’s exactly what they think and it means what it sounds like. Not “oh the children are our future” but “kids shoving money in the butts of half-naked men dressed as women.” That’s the future Democrats are fighting for.

The event took place inside a community center that was formerly First United Methodist Church. Gonzales was later removed from the premises.

Fortunately for Gonzalez, the organizers streamed the entire event on Facebook. Gonzalez posted a video clip on Twitter from the event that begins with a bearded drag queen making the following remarks:

Now, I’m going to do a quick little cheers that I normally do. I mean, I know there’s little babies here. But close your ears (laughs).

This is just a tradition all (drag) shows normally do. So raise your glasses. Cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to the ones who lick us where we pee.

Watch the video below:

According to TGP:

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen reported that the drag bingo event was guarded by armed members of ANTIFA:

One Twitter user commented:

“Most states have fairly strict local govmt codes that regulate/restrict sexually oriented businesses, (esp ones serving alcohol) e.g. strip clubs. These shows arguably meet the SOB legal def (they’re traveling SOBs). Has anyone ever challenged these municipalities on enforcement?”

Sara Gonzales, the Executive Director of Defend Our Kids TX, responded to this question, saying, “I’m working with several different legislators to make sure “sexually oriented” businesses is properly defined to include this.”

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