What Biden Did As Hurricane Ian Bashed Into Florida Is Just Despicable


Most of us are old enough to remember how the media treated former President Donald Trump when a hurricane slammed into the United States. If Trump wasn’t sitting at his desk attentively, the media and Democrats threatened to impeach him for dereliction of duty.

Preliminary reports from a local Sheriff indicate some of our worst fears.

So while millions of Americans were dealing with a dangerous storm, President Joe Biden was fundraising.

Biden attended the Democratic Governors Association reception in Washington, D.C.

So while this was happening, Biden was panhandling for money.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre brushed aside a reporter who questioned Biden attending the fundraiser.

The reporter asked if it was still Biden’s “intent to go to the fundraiser, or will he stay here at the White House and monitor developments?”

“So, we don’t have anything to — any changes in his schedule. He has been really steadfast and very clear and has spoken multiple times on what is happening in Florida and what we are seeing with Hurricane Ian and other hurricanes right before those — Hurricane Fiona as well, as you all know,” KJP said. “And so his administration is on top of this. He, again, signed the declaration for Florida, even before landfall — right? — the moment that the governor asked for assistance from us. Within hours, the President signed that declaration.”

“You can see how focused he is on it. You can see how important of an issue this is. And sadly, this is not the first extreme weather scenario that we have had to deal with under this administration for the last 19 months. And you have seen — and I think you would agree, Steve — and you have seen this administration respond with efficiency, respond with the full force of resources, and — and certainly take this incredibly seriously.”

Oh we’ve seen his focus, and that’s why he has (at best) a 40% approval rating.


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