Watch: Woke Nut Job Gets A Dose Of Reality When Attempt To Virtue Signal Goes South


The left is beginning to realize they are losing the culture war and one liberal Karen learned that hard way after she stormed the stage during a comedy show.

Reports have shown that Americans view Democrats as “preachy, judgmental,” out of touch, and are focused on dividing the country.

Internal polling numbers leaked to Politico from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee show “the GOP hits are most effective with center-left voters, independents and Hispanic voters.”

The poll also found that Americans are done with “divisive cultural debates” and that Americans don’t believe the Democrats care about the “stressors in people’s lives.”

A great example of this is how Joe Biden is dealing with high gas prices by doing nothing about it. He’s trying to use Russia as a scapegoat but it’s not going to work.

The Democrats believe that they can win back voters by rebutting the GOP but that time is over, actions speak louder than words. Letting inflation go through the roof, leaving the border open, supporting woke school boards, and letting gas prices go sky high is not going to bring back voters.

Some on the left are struggling to deal with the reality and it’s driving them crazy. The woman in the video below is a mirrored image of the internal polling leaked to Politico. You’ll watch the woman storm the stage and complained that the comedian doesn’t have the right to discuss his experiences because he was using traditional gender definitions. During the tirade, she is preachy and uses woke arguments to try and shut down the comedian. The comedian did a great job shutting down the woke protester and she is finally escorted off the stage.

Americans are starting to push back against cancel culture.


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