Watch What Happens When A Lefty Gen Z’er ‘Works’ An 8 Hour Day


We’ve all had jobs we didn’t like at one time or another; it almost seems like it’s a right of passage.

In the video below, a Starbucks worker complains that the company needs a union because working eight hours is too long, and not enough people are being scheduled to staff a shift.

The barista has a total mental breakdown.

First off, notice that the barista is complaining that only five people were put on the schedule and the store is busy. That means four people are left to manage the chaos while crying in the backroom.

We don’t know the circumstances inside the store; maybe the manager stinks, and if that’s the case, find another job. There’s a worker shortage, and the holidays are coming. Retailers are looking for help all over the place.

The barista in the video complained about working 25 hours a week, but those hours make them eligible for health care benefits, paid vacation, and a 401k.

Another right of passage is having a job you don’t like but grinding through it because the benefits help you survive. The economy is rough out there, and we all know people who are picking up part-time jobs to make ends meat due to gas prices and inflation.

A recent interview Dr. Phil discussed videos like the one above with podcaster Joe Rogan.

According to Dr. Phil, people like the barista above have trouble coping due to poor parenting and being raised on a screen.

Joe Rogan & Dr. Phil discussed the major problems with the culture of the woke and youth that want everything handed to them and work for nothing. Dr. Phil added that he believes youth are acting out because of poor parenting and being raised by screens. Adding that we shouldn’t, “reward bad behavior.”


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