Watch: Tucker Carlson Slays Democrat Lawmaker ‘Twerking’ For Votes


I can’t even believe what I saw and neither will you.

Tiara Mack is a Democratic member of the Rhode Island Senate representing District 6. Mack assumed office on January 5, 2021. She is also the first openly gay black woman to serve in the Rhode Island Senate and she is up for re-election.

Mack apparently needs votes so she put on a bikini went to the beach and posted a TikTok video of her twerking upside down after asking for support.

WJAR reported:

A Rhode Island state lawmaker gyrating upside down in a bikini on the beach, and posting it on social media, is getting national attention.

Sen. Tiara Mack’s Fourth of July TikTok video has been viewed thousands of times and gotten thousands of comments, including from prominent right-wing critics.

At the end of the quick video, Mack says to the camera, “Vote Senator Mack.”

Tucker Carlson’s comments on the video were absolutely hilarious.

This is what the Democratic party has become… a bunch of twerking morons.

“My constituents fricking love that I’m a real person and fun and not a robot,” the twerking state senator said.

“I’m trying to determine which point of envy these people are mad at. Is the Ivy League degree? Is it the sitting state senator? Is it the bodacious body? Because the hate is real and abundant,” Mack added in another social media letter.

Who knows if it works maybe the DNC could have Biden and Kamala do a twerking video to get their approval numbers up.

Hopefully, Kamala can dance better than she can speak.



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