Watch: The Left Does NOT Want To Talk About Who Just Shut Down A School Board Meeting & Why


The left really doesn’t want to talk about this.

Hundreds of protesters attended a school board meeting at Dearborn Public Schools in Michigan.

The majority of the parents and protesters that showed up were Muslim, upset about the LBGTQ books being used by the school district.

Leftists made sure their token union protesters were there, but there was no comparison between the two groups.

Things were relatively calm until the school board decided to end the meeting when it was time for public comments, and then all heck broke loose.

“We’re going to send a message to the board of education,” Hassan Aoun, a protester, declared. “We the people … put you in this position We put you on the chair. We elected you.”

Another then led the crowd in cries of “Vote them out!”

From the Detroit Free Press:

For weeks, Muslim leaders and community activists had been urging people to attend the meeting to voice their opposition to certain books and educational materials. One of Michigan’s most prominent faith leaders, Imam Hassan Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Institute of America in Dearborn Heights, urged people during his Friday sermon to attend the protests.

“Some of those books are completely inappropriate for our children to read,” Al-Qazwini said. “Some of those books promote pornography. Some of them promote homosexuality. We don’t need this. Go and attend this meeting.”

Al-Qazwini and others said that they have the democratic right to decide what is appropriate in their schools since their faith is now in the majority.

“We don’t need those books in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights,” Al-Qazwini said. “Take them somewhere else. The majority rules. If you are the majority of people in Dearborn, you decide for your children. We live in a democratic society. And there are certain tools and techniques with which you can change the law in this country.”

Interestingly enough, the protestors have the backing of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a leftist group that worked with Obama. Now the group is helping Muslims protect their religious rights to keep adult content away from their kids.

The meeting has been moved to a local High School that can handle a much larger crowd.



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