Watch: Statement From Chair Of Biden’s Economic Adviser Council Wreaks Havoc At The White House


The Biden administration continues to stab themselves in the foot and it is hilarious to watch.

Over the past week, we’ve covered that the Biden administration is trying to redefine the word recession to not mean two-quarters of negative growth.


Well, Biden’s Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse said all the way back in May of 2022 (sarcastic tone intended) that a recession is “two-quarters of negative growth.”

Things are getting so stressful for Biden’s economic advisors that they are having to towel off during interviews trying to pull the lie off. During an interview on CNN, Jared Bernstein needed his hanky trying to explain what a recession is.

I don’t know what is if that isn’t a physical manifestation of how dicey things are inside the White House. As the New York Times put it if you are trying to redefine a word you’ve lost.

What’s going to be really fun to watch is when social media jumps in to censor conservatives reporting the country is in a recession; the fact checkers have already started.

For example,

Facebook already flagged an Instagram post as misinformation and had the “fact-checking” website PolitiFact refute it. The Instagram post merely described the White House’s statement on their new definition of “recession.”

PolitiFact ruled:

It’s certainly to the White House’s political advantage to get ahead of potentially bad economic news, and there are plenty of indications that the U.S. economy faces significant challenges, including the possibility of an eventual recession.

But the White House blog post cited is not only accurate about the official definition, but evidence shows it’s not a definition the White House suddenly cooked up as cover.

We rate the statement False.

In other words, the White House’s new definition is the final authority and we will abide by it. However, just a few paragraphs above their ruling the “fact checking” website contradicted itself:

The two-quarter threshold mentioned in the video didn’t come from nowhere; it gained a foothold over many years because of its simplicity for the public, news outlets and politicians. It has a good historical track record of lining up with recessions, and it has the advantage of being calculated in real time, rather than months after the fact.

Meanwhile, experts agree that the U.S. economy faces some important headwinds, recession or not. Despite low unemployment and healthy consumer spending, Americans feel uneasy about the economy when they see daily their costs rising and their 401(k) valuations sinking.

The libs behind this ruse keep pointing to unemployment as if it will save them. If history tells us anything, unemployment begins to rise after we hit two-quarters of negative growth.

We report none of this gleefully, Biden is leading America down a path of destruction, and until his term is over, we will bear the brunt of his mistakes.

But we should all keep our heads up, the only way out is through.


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