Watch: Sonny Hostin Admits To Voting For Her Son, Raises Major Red Flags


‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin has raised concerns about potential voter fraud that she herself, might have committed. It all began as host Whoopi Goldberg called out Hostin for playing on her phone during the show. Hostin jumped to say that it was her son.

Hostin then raised alarms to what she felt was suspicious behavior at her voting facility, “Who, by the way, wanted to make sure that his absentee ballot was –” Hostin took a pause to think, “that I did that and I had trouble actually voting for him absentee ballot today and that made me very concerned. It’s the first time.”

Hostin’s long pause was followed by this explanation:

“I was told to put it in the orange bag on the floor and the orange bag to me looked like a Target bag or something. And I said, “Isn’t there a formal election box that says absentee ballots or something like that?” And then she said, “let me check.” And then found it.”


Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza called out Hostin on Twitter writing: “Sunny Hostin basically admits to being guilty of voter fraud. Her son was away so she voted his ballot. It doesn’t matter what his intention was. People cannot vote on behalf of others. Presumably she also forged his signature. She should be arrested and prosecuted for this”

Hostin’s son is away at school in Harvard, we know because she loves to swing that around. The fact that he’s no longer in the same state as Hostin has left many wondering where his ballot was sent and why Hostins had it in the first place. Did Hostin’s son drive home and fill it out only to leave it for her to send in?

Why didn’t he send it in himself?

So, according to the State of New York, ballots can only be delivered by the voter’s authorized representative. Is she legally that person for him? My last question is, who signed and sealed the envelope? According to the law, ONLY the voter can do that.

This just seems like it begs for some investigation.


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