Watch: Recent Kamala Visit Causes Stir After She Makes Some Incredibly Bizarre Comments


Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris visited the LBJ Library in Austin and made some bizarre comments.

The Vice President’s comments were so strange that  Nick Arama, a reporter at, wondered if she was under the influence of drugs.

“Harris was in rare form with her remarks. I’d wonder if she was high, except I’ve listened to so many of her speeches. So either she’s high all the time or this is her normal state of being. More’s the pity for us. She was talking about the filibuster and as usual, she treats the audience like they are five years old when she speaks to them,” Arama wrote.

Then the Vice President just started talking about Venn diagrams.

“Let me just say I love Venn diagrams,” Harris said, cackling. “I really love Venn diagrams. You know, the circles, right? Three usually.”

Kamala may be telling the truth for the first time in her life, she really does like Venn diagrams.

It is not just Kamala and Joe Biden sounding like a three-ring circus Democrat John Fetterman is even worse.

Remember, politicians like Harris, Biden, and Fetterman are supposed to be the best and brightest in the Democrat Party have.

Instead, we have a trifecta of insanity.


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