Watch: New Forecast Blows Biden Claim Out Of The Water, ‘No Problems A Gallon Of Gas Is…


A new forecast has blown a Joe Biden claim right out of the water.

JP Morgan forecasted that by the end of the summer the national average will be around $6 a gallon.

That has blown claims Biden made during a meeting with governors and business leaders to push support for the Innovation Act.

During the meeting, Biden made several passing comments that caused Americans to fume and turned former president Trump into a prophet.

Biden proudly said that he is moving the country in a direction to get rid of our cars.

Biden also began to trail off causing some confusion during the meeting and people were unsure what he was saying.

Biden wants Americans to go out and purchase $60,000-$100,000 electric cars that cost on average a person $600 more a year to maintain.

Oh and if you can’t afford an electric car Mayor Pete has a solution…

So what are people supposed to do if they don’t have access to public transportation? Starve?

What was most egregious was when Biden ranted that “a gallon of gas is down 14%.”

At the time Biden made those comments prices were still rising which infuriated Americans.

As usual, after claiming record-high gas prices are “no problem” he walked off the stage and did not take questions from reporters.

Americans are furious…

Americans are furious and if you don’t believe me take a good look at Joe’s approval numbers. With middle America and Republicans, Biden is completely underwater.


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