Watch: Lindsey Graham Swings Back At Biden & Scorches Kamala After Joe’s Authoritarian Rant, ‘You Need To Talk To The VP About…


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) swung back at President Joe Biden who threatened gun owners and attacked Graham over his support for former President Trump during a campaign speech in Pennsylvania.

“[I]f you want to talk about political violence, I reject it. I reject it on January 6. I reject it in Portland. I reject it in New York City,” the South Carolina Senator told Fox News host Jesse Watters in response to Biden’s speech.

Adding, “So, why don’t you talk, President Biden, to your own Vice President? You know, one way to encourage political violence is to bail out people who attacked the cops on the streets of New York and Black Lives Matter riots? The Vice President of the United States’ staff raised money to bail people out of jail who rioted in New York, who attacked the cops, and they went right back to crime. You don’t hear much about that, do you?”

“So, what I said Sunday was, America[ns] reject — I reject violence, but I also reject a double standard here.”

Graham concluded, “I reject violence, but Mr. President, you need to talk to the Vice President of the United States, your Vice President, about bailing out rioters. Doesn’t that encourage violence?”

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Biden only has one strategy left, amp up his rhetoric in hopes that he gets a couple of Republicans to do something stupid so that he can crack down. There’s another reason why Biden is so angry; take a look at the poll below…

The Democrats who came up with the Russian hoax, and impeached former President Trump twice are now pursuing a criminal case against him, and they still can’t stop him.



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