Watch: Jill Biden Little Slip Up Proves Nobody Respects Joe Biden


During an event at the White House, a gaffe committed by Jill Biden proves that nobody respects Joe Biden.

The President, Jill Biden, and Kamala Harris hosted an event to honor Black History at the White House. As Jill Biden was speaking she introduced Vice President Kamala Harris as the President of the United States.

It’s becoming obvious that the only person who believes Joe Biden is pulling the strings in the White House is Joe Biden himself.

Joe Biden was allowed to speak for a few minutes and he stuck with his race-baiting talking points.

“We’re protecting our country’s threshold liberty, the sacred right to vote, which I’ve never seen as under such attack. You know, it’s always made it harder for Blacks to vote, but this is trying to be able to figure out how to keep the Black vote, when it occurs, from even counting,” Biden said.

That claim has now been debunked, his home state of Delaware has stricter voting laws than most of the bills being passed by Republican legislators.

Matter of fact a report from the far-left publication The Atlantic highlights the President’s hypocrisy in a piece published in April of 2021:

Biden has assailed Georgia’s new voting law as an atrocity akin to “Jim Crow in the 21st century” for the impact it could have on Black citizens. But even once the GOP-passed measure takes effect, Georgia citizens will still have far more opportunities to vote before Election Day than their counterparts in the president’s home state, where one in three residents is Black or Latino. To Republicans, Biden’s criticism of the Georgia law smacks of hypocrisy. “They have a point,” says Dwayne Bensing, a voting-rights advocate with Delaware’s ACLU affiliate.

Delaware isn’t an anomaly among Democratic strongholds, and its example presents the president’s party with an uncomfortable reminder: Although Democrats like to call out Republicans for trying to suppress voting, the states they control in the Northeast make casting a ballot more difficult than anywhere else.

The report details how states like New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware have some of the strictest voting laws in the country.



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