Watch: Jill Biden Has A Joe Biden Moment During A Pathetic Attempt To Pander


The amount of rhetoric and pandering coming from Joe and Jill Biden shows the White House is a mess.

While President Joe Biden is in Asia the First Lady traveled to Ecuador on a foreign relations trip.

Once again Dr. Jill Biden tried to speak Spanish and pander to her audience only to make a fool of herself.

The entire incident was incredibly bizarre, Jill began to increase her intensity as if she was going to say something prolific only to mispronounce the term ” good afternoon.”

“Here, at the center of the world, there is so much to fill us with awe: the majestic Andes, the volcanos like fire gods waiting to awaken,” Biden said. “From the Galapagos to the Amazon, the story of our very origins on Earth.  The breathtaking coast and the history that dusts every stone and brick that lines the streets of Quito. And no less spectacular is the heart of the Ecuadorian people.  Thank you for your warm hospitality and welcome.”

“I am honored to be here in this beautiful capital today.  And on behalf of my husband and the people of the United States: Buenas tardes.”

Very few people clapped after she pronounced the term incorrectly.

This isn’t the first time Jill Biden has flubbed trying to speak Spanish.

During a trip to California in 2021 to celebrate Venezuelan dictator Cesar Chavez, she tried to say “yes we can.”


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