Watch: In Just 30 Seconds GOP Candidate Wins Debate


This is why Democrats aren’t debating Republican candidates!

It was a drubbing!

Republican candidate for Senate in Ohio JD Vance demolished Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan.

By the end of the debate, Tim Ryan was visibly wincing.

Things started going downhill when Ryan accused Vance of investing in a company that shipped jobs overseas to China. Vance then asked Ryan to name the company, and the Democrat couldn’t. The Republican candidate then pointed out that Ryan’s congressional district lost 50,000 jobs since he’s been in office.

During another exchange, Vance pointed out that since he entered the Marines, Ryan entered Congress and has failed to deliver. Ryan tried to push back, claiming he put his football jersey on and did community projects.

Imagine being a US congressman, and instead of falling back on your record, you talk about community service projects you did in high school.

But there was one moment that really sealed the deal, and it will probably end Ryan’s political career in Ohio.

Ryan used the news report about a 10-year-old girl from Ohio becoming pregnant after she was raped to attack Vance’s stance on abortion.

The incident occurred in Franklin County, Ohio, and Gerson Fuentes, 27, “confessed to sexually assaulting the girl on at least two occasions. The girl became pregnant and, because of Ohio’s restrictions on abortion — which do not include exceptions for rape or incest — traveled to Indiana to have the pregnancy medically terminated on June 30. ”

According to the Columbia Dispatch report, Fuentes was arrested and indicted in July. But the newspaper left one fact out that Vance used to crush his Democrat opponent.

Fuentes is an illegal immigrant.

Vance called Ryan out for not funding the border wall when he had the chance and not supporting immigration laws. The Republican candidate noted, “If you [Ryan] had done your job, she would have never been raped in the first place. Do your job on border security, don’t lecture me about opinions I don’t actually have.”

Ryan was visibly shaken and had no response.

This is why Democrats are refusing to debate Republicans all over the country.



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