Watch: Don Lemon May Be Next To Go At CNN After The Stunt He Just Pulled


Multiple employees are being let go at CNN, and the way Don Lemon is going, he’s probably next.

As hurricane Ian was bearing down on Florida Lemon tried to pin the storm on climate change.

“What effect does climate change have on this phenomenon? Because it seems these storms are intensifying,” Lemon asked Jamie Rhome, the Acting Director of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.

“I don’t think you can Link to climate change to any one event,” Rhome said that people shouldn’t relate climate change to one storm.

But Lemon interjected, adding, “Listen, I grew up there. And these storms are intensifying.”

So much for following the “science.”


Ian was an extremely powerful storm however, on the whole (as of the writing of this post), the 2022 hurricane season has been incredibly mild.

Hurricanes hitting Florida is not a phenomenon.

The media is so despicable DeSantis had to call them out for spreading fake news before the storm even arrived.

CNN’s Brian Stelter and many others have been let go by the new heads at CNN because they are too biasis.

After that interview Lemon may be next.


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