Watch: Dem In Tight Governor’s Race Implodes During Interview, ‘A Lot Of Dems Are Questioning Your…


The interview was supposed to raise her profile. Instead, it may have killed her hopes.

Democrat Katie Hobbs completely imploded during an interview on CNN.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs has refused to debate her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, and it’s hurting her campaign.

To try and try and give her a boost, Hobbs agreed to interview with CNN’s Dana Bash and it didn’t go well.

Bash inquired by the Democrat candidate won’t debate her counterpart and noted that she just did a segment with Lake.

“She just answered my questions for a lot of minutes. A lot of Democrats are questioning your decision,” Bash said to Hobbs.

The clip below is why Hobbs will not debate Lake. Bash asks her a simple question about abortion; watch how she answers.

During the interview, Hobbs showed her true colors. When she was asked about the economy, she proved she is a Democrat party “yes man.”

On the flip side, Lake said that she’d debate Hobbs anytime, anywhere.

“I will debate you on a stage. I will debate you in a parking lot. I will debate in a library. I will debate you in a bar. I will debate you in a car. I will debate you on CNN. I will debate you on MSNBC,” Lake said. “I’ll even, I’ll even debate you on ‘The View,’ and let Joy Behar and Whoppi ask the questions. But show some courage!”


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