Watch: Chaos Breaks Out During Meeting When Biden Comes Up Short, ‘He Said No! LET’S GO!’


The White House is feeling the heat and they aren’t handling it well.

During a cabinet meeting, Joe was pressed about Russian sanctions and rising gas prices and he nor his staffers handled it well.

A reporter asked if Joe would “ban Russian oil?”

That was when a Biden staffer yelled, “He said ‘no!’ Let’s go!”

“No he didn’t, he didn’t respond to anything,” the reporter replied as they were thrown out of the meeting.

That’s the problem right there, Biden doesn’t “respond to anything,” he is clueless and you’ll note he sat there clueless laughing as the press was thrown out.

Joe might be laughing but America isn’t, gas is through the roof causing food prices and everything else to skyrocket.

Not only is Biden clueless he can’t even keep his facts straight.

Shortly before White House staffers kicked out the press, Biden said Ukrainians were hiding from rocket being fired “indiscriminately into Russian cities.”

What makes this gaffe so bad is that he was clearly reading it word for word off a piece of paper and he still messed it up.

Instead of producing oil at home Joe Biden has recruited the left to propose buying oil from Iran. Below is a comment from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes pushing a talking point.

Don’t worry though, Biden has it all under control because he’s sending Kamala to Warsaw to straighten everything out (sarcasm).

That’s right, he’s sending someone who can’t even get through a friendly radio interview without screwing it up to fix the crisis in Ukraine.


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