Watch: Biden’s New Press Sec Gets Asked An Actual Question & Falls Apart, ‘Um So Today’s Announcement Is…


After Biden announced his executive order on solar panels White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked some serious questions and she fell apart trying to answer them.

Jean-Pierre was asked, “Karine.  On the solar panels, how is this not a gift to Chinese solar manufacturers who — many of whom operate with forced labor and are subsidized by the Chinese Communist Party?”

“So, you know, today’s announcement is about one country and one country alone, and it’s about the United States,” she responded. “It is about the reliability of our power — of our power grid.  It is about reducing costs for American families, and it’s about enabling domestic solar manufacturers to move forward with their projects. The actions that we’re — we are currently doing is being applauded by members of Congress, by labor, by climate groups, by U.S. CEOs, and domestic solar manufacturers as well.”

She was also asked about gas prices and it didn’t go well.

Let it be known the Biden administration is ok with what John Kerry calls, “forced labor.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agrees. In the clip below, she says Republicans are in a cult and then explains why fighting climate change with China is more important than what is being done to the Uyghurs.

In response to the fact that partnering with China promotes the exploytation of the Uyghurs, Kerry said, “life is full of tough choices.”


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