Biden’s Brain Breaks So Bad TV Show Forced To Cut To Commercial [WATCH]



President Biden’s cognitive decline was on full display and it got so bad that during a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Show they had to cut to a commercial.

Biden – who hasn’t done a press conference in over 100 days – took a cupcake interview with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and he babbled like the village idiot.

Joe was trying to justify his actions claiming that the economy is actually in really good shape but then his mind went blank and he started to babble.

As the country is spiraling toward a recession President Biden claims we have the fastest growing economy in the world.

For the 81 million people out there that voted for Joe and are now unhappy about gas prices, we tried to warn you.

However, the video below is a prime example of how backward Joe Biden’s policies are.

GM recently conducted a “clean energy” electric vehicle demonstration. The problem is the building they used to charge the vehicles was powered by coal.

Biden is so incompetent that even the drones at MSNBC are pretending they are moderates now, just a few months ago they were attacking Senator Manchine.


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