Watch: Biden Goes Beserk, Starts Shaking & Screaming


President Joe Biden was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to give remarks “celebrating Labor Day and the Dignity of America Workers.”

The more Biden puts himself out there, the more obvious it is that the man is losing his grip on reality. Biden sounds like Howard Dean in January of 2004 when an unhinged rant ended his political career.

To kick off the speech, Biden immediately got creepy, claiming a little girl needed ice cream.

“Hello, Milwaukee!  My name is Joe Biden.  I am Jill Biden’s husband,” the President said. “And I want to start by saying: Any child under 12 years of age deserves a little extra ice cream or something for doing this. This has got to be the most boring thing in the world for you, honey. But we’re going to work something out for you, I promise.”

During his speech, Biden claimed that he beat big pharma.

“No, I know — I — but I really mean it.  And as I said, I just signed into law a historic Inflation Reduction Act, Joe said. “It wasn’t easy to take big drug companies, but we did.  I’ve been fighting them since I got in Congress 180 years ago. You know, we pay more for our prescription drugs in the United States of America than any major country in the world — here in the United States.  Okay?  There’s no reason for it.”

The man whose government has stock in the Moderna mRNA vaccine that is manding shots for government workers and tried to mandate jabs for the entire country is claiming he “beat” big Pharma.

The irony is insane.

Then Joe took a bizarre shot at Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

“For the last several decades, many of us have been trying to fix the problem.  But for decades, Big Pharma tried to block giving lower drug prices for those on Medicare or anywhere else. For decades, Big Pharma won — year in, year out — because they own chunks of the Congress, because they had help, like your senior senator, Ron Johnson, who said —”

The “audience” interrupted Biden by booing the Republican Senator and then an “energized” Biden lost his mind.

“No, I — I want to say what he said.  He said he opposed lowering drug costs because it would result in “punishing the pharmaceutical industry. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.  I mean, come on, man.  Not this year.  We beat Pharma this year.  We beat Pharma this year, and it mattered,” Biden said screaming like a mad man. “We’re going to change people’s lives.  We finally beat Pharma. Now Medicare will have the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.  We can guarantee no senior — no senior will have to pay more than $2,000 out of pocket for their drugs for the entire year, no matter whether their bill is $50,000.  No more than $2,000.  Period. And if you’re on Medicare and you have diabetes, your cost for insulin will be capped at $35.”


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